Saturday, 5 August 2017

July Updates and Thoughts

The month of July heralded new highs in the stock markets globally, with DOW hitting a new high and the STI reaching its previous peak.

The performance of my personal portfolio has not been great though, with Raffles Medical being the worst performer. That said, I'm not too concern about things yet and I am still confident about its' growth in the long term. Profits are getting squeezed, and with analysts predicting the fall in NPAT due to their expansion and upgrading plans the next 3 years, buyers seem to be rushing out of this counter. As such I have taken the opportunity to acquire a small parcel of another 1500 shares which  brings my total RMG counter number to 4300. I will continue to monitor this counter and I'm currently planning on scooping up more if the weakness continues to persist.

(image credits: Jumbo Group LTD)

I have also acquired 4000 shares in Jumbo (42R), which has retreated back from its previous peak, hence presenting with a decent buying opportunity IMO. Similarly, if this counter continues to present with weakness, I may scoop up more as well. Although this counter has been compared to other services/food-services counters which are cheaper, I believe that this is an unnecessary comparison as they are all intrinsically different. Jumbo has a great product and they are already taking the right steps (I believe) in their overseas venture.

With Regards to my REITs counters, they have all been doing well despite the recent Fed rate hike in June. IMO this is because most of these REIT counters are still fairly valued. Looking back, Parkway REIT has been by far my best performer, with about a 28% gain since I bought (nearly at it's bottom) nearly 2 years ago, with 2 years of dividends to boot on top of it. On hindsight, this highlighted to me that if I strongly believe in the intrinsic value of a counter, I should not be too worried about the general market sentiments, which I was afraid of at that point in time.

That's all for today's update, best wishes to everyone out there!


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