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This blog documents my Personal investment journey, and it serves to allow me to keep track of my personal finances and investments. Content posted in this blog documents of my journey thus far, and may also include posts unrelated to my portfolio.

I believe that writing about my personal investment decisions would allow me to reflect and learn even from my own experiences. I will also be grateful if you can voice out your opinions with regards to my posts, because I am a very junior investor after all.

Thank you for reading this and I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading my blog. 😁

My Background

If anyone's interested, I am currently studying in a tertiary institute and starting to invest was a daunting yet exciting thing for me, not simply because of my tight finances as a student, but also as a result of hearing of a number of success and horror stories.

What pushed me to start investing then? Simple: I want to achieve financial freedom as early as possible. Although I may not have a specific target with regards to what age I am to achieve financial freedom, nor perhaps a monthly passive income target, simple math demonstrates what I should minimally achieve. This:

Average cost of a meal at a Hawker Center in Singapore: $5
Number of meals consumed on average per day: 3
Total average cost of food spent per month: $15 x 30 = $450

Average cost of housing per month in a non-central area: $950 (per pax assuming its rental housing)

Average cost of travelling per month: $120 (assuming a concession pass is used and only public transport is being utilised

Healthcare/Insurance/Miscellaneous expenses: $150


(please note that i did not pluck most of these numbers from official statistical websites and that these numbers are from my own observations)
Of course the numbers can fluctuate, and even though many are living in the comfort of their own home, I have assumed rental housing is used and included it in my calculations simply because significant funds would be initially required to purchase a home which can then offset future income, and at the same time, I believe that going into the maths in detail would make this discussion a little too complicated. furthermore, I would say most people would occasionally splurge on their meals, on entertainment, on travelling etc. Which is why in my opinion, $1670 is still a conservative figure.

Achieving $1670 and beyond on average from monthly dividend payouts is by no means attainable (for me at least) quickly, or even within the next few years. However, I believe that I have got to start somewhere, and I have finally taken the plunge to start my journey.

Why read my blog?

I do not have an excellent argument for this as there are many other great writers/bloggers who blogs about their personal finances and portfolio. I guess my blog is unique in the sense that most personal portfolio blogs are written by and started by working-class adults, on that note, I hope that my blog creates a little diversity. :)

I will like to reiterate that the purpose of this blog is NOT for providing advice on stocks, it documents my personal journey. I am also not affiliated with any of the organisations/companies I mention/may mention unless stated otherwise.

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